What 2020 taught me & What I carry to 2021?

Image-Sidhartha Sharma

Wish You & Your Family a Very Happy New Year 2021.

May the new year bring more joy, health, happiness, peace, kindness, and prosperity to your life.

I have been writing for close to 18 years now, sometimes just a few lines as a quotation, sometimes a newspaper column, and sometimes a book. Yet, even after these many years, few thoughts/principles have persisted:

10 Key observations from 2020

  1. Black Swan events like COVID 2019 do happen.
  2. People are kind and helpful. They always want to help others
  3. Health is the greatest wealth. It is your responsibility as well.
  4. Even the people who hurt or insult you, are going through a personal journey. People give what they have as surplus. Bless them for they are just fighting for themselves, their family, or the people who know them
  5. Humans are just another form of life on this planet. Climate is everyone’s responsibility.
  6. Humans need a planet or mother earth to live, the planet does not need humans to heal itself. It can be healed by humans, but it can and will heal itself without them too.
  7. Your knowledge and skills are your greatest friends
  8. Action does not solve everything, sometimes stillness does
  9. Words are important, silence is equally important
  10. Be kind and respect others. Know yourself and have clarity on what you want. Do not trade off what you want in the long run.

If the force wills, What I would like to carry to 2021

  1. Zero violence in words, thoughts, and actions. It is a practice and I got the opportunity to make a lot of progress in 2020. Compound your compassion. Laugh it off and drop the ego and anger at will.
  2. Reserve a certain % of the time, to help those who can benefit from what I know, and who I know. Likewise, I encourage you to share what made you better, the secret sauce of knowledge is of no use if kept only to self.
  3. Have more personal 1:1 interactions as well as group sessions. Everyone likes to network with people who are at the level they want to be, yet it is equally important first to help people to your level especially if someone reaches out for help.
  4. To always keep learning, and to never stop. People will always judge you or assign a label to who you are and what you can do. Just keep evolving and never put a label on other skills, talents, and potential.
  5. Use the words and actions to lift others. Doing good to others is the greatest service of self and your creator.


Sidhartha Sharma

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