Design a Winning Digital-Only-Bank Equation- Strategy to Full Stack Systems

How to Create a Digital First Bank- Sidhartha Sharma

Who are the Winners? New Bankers are in Town, thanks to MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore)

Adaptive/Incremental Banking Innovation to the First Principle Banking

It will be over-optimistic for Digital Only Banks to believe that disruption will completely decimate traditional incumbent banks.

Image web-propertyloans

What matters in Banking: Value proposition and Strategic Systems — 10/10 KSF’s

Image- UOB Mighty AI capabilities
Image: DBS- API Case Study

Kakao is one good example of ‘internet-only banks’ with a robust digital ecosystem supporting the bank.


Digital Only Bank-Tech and Operating Model: Front End, Middle, and Back End (Part 2)

Creating a Winning Digital Wholesale Bank and Why SME’s and Trade matters? (Part-3)

How can traditional banks outsmart Digital Only and Challenger Banks? (Part-4)



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Sidhartha Sharma- Future of Tech, Digital & Data

Sidhartha Sharma- Future of Tech, Digital & Data


~16yrs Consulting- McKinsey & BCG-Digital Strategy, Ecosystems & Ventures | Start-Up Mentor | Platforms | Digital-First | Author & TEDx Speaker. Views Personal