Advice to Graduate Students and Young Professions building a career in consulting and digital transformation

Cloud is the first and most important step to get the #datastrategy right before the companies can evolve as #AIfirst organizations. Businesses will need a hybrid and multi-cloud strategy to realize the full power of #datadriven decision making and the #aimodels built on them.

My advice to students graduating over the next few years, learn all that you can on A,B,C,D,E, F

There are many other important technologies and models (#metaverse, #nanotechnology ), but these are good foundations to build keeping the next 10 years of disruption in mind.

Nobody knows the future for sure except God or an arrogant fool. However, you can plan and prepare for it by staying curious and intellectually humble. Trends show that the next 10 years will be 5–10X times more disruptive than the last 30 years combined when it comes to technology, networking, and disruption.

Advice to the business leaders responsible for digital transformation?

In a world full of “bulls###” stories, complexity, and PR news, try to develop the following three skills as a business leader:

“Confusion kills motivation while Empathy fuels ownership”



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