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Money has served a very important role in human life since its invention a few thousand years ago.

Like most other experiments, Money has been through various stages of evolution:

Why Facebook Rayban stories is a revolutionary start?

Sidhartha Sharma

Augmented reality is more important than what many people think. Augmented reality is going to be the primary platform for future work, industrial internet, and entertainment. As AR/VR/MR technology hardware and 5G evolves, all the digital identities and locations will further evolve as digital avatars or digital twins.

Physical reality…

Sidhartha Sharma- Digital Transformation Expert

What is a Digital Twin?

A digital twin is a virtual, data, or digital copy of a living or non-living physical entity made with the help of sensors, algorithms, and smart devices. A digital twin is the virtual reflection of the physical identity, after which it has been modeled. Data is transmitted seamlessly and on…

Sidhartha Sharma-Digital Strategy Expert

The job opportunities that come into your life are a factor of the following things or your personal brand:

Sidhartha Sharma

The pursuit to understand life continues till the end of life. Sometimes there is a direct correlation between action and rewards, input and output but more often than not a perfect correlation never exists.

And even if the co-relation exists, it is way beyond the capacity of humans to elucidate…

Fintech and Digital Expert-Sidhartha Sharma

Cash evolved as plastic money which then evolved as e-wallet money and finally evolve as Central Bank Digital (CBD) Currencies.

CBD will be the final frontier of money evolution, especially if bitcoins/etherium do not evolve as the globally accepted money due to any reason.

This piece is about the other…

Digital Strategy Expert-Sidhartha Sharma- Views are personal

5 levels of Evolution:

Future of e-commerce and Quick commerce

Creating Value through Digital Partners

Why D2C strategy matter?

Views are personal

Sidhartha Sharma- Digital Strategy Expert (views are personal)

What Fintech is to Banking, Insuretech is to Insurance.

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Digital Transfromation and Fintech Expert

Sidhartha Sharma- Future of Tech, Digital & Data

~15yrs Consulting- McKinsey & BCG-Digital Strategy, Ecosystems & Ventures | Start-Up Mentor | Platforms | Digital-First | Author & TEDx Speaker. Views Personal

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